Justin D. White

Animal Welfare Auditor

Justin White grew up in a small farming community in the Texas Panhandle where he spent time on his family’s farm. Justin’s family farm grew cotton, wheat, hay grazer, milo, and peanuts but his passion was with the livestock, mostly cattle and horses. Justin attended Clarendon Jr. College and later obtained his B.S. in Accounting from Grand Canyon University.

Justin has spent his time working on ranches, grow yards and feedlots in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming but his favorite area was Arizona. This has allowed Justin to see the beef industry in many of its different stages in different environments, giving him an understanding of how and why the beef industry is moving forward. He brings to the FACTA team a vast knowledge of the beef industry but is still striving to gain more knowledge in the industry.

In his spare time, Justin is also an accomplished horseman and riding instructor. He has not only qualified for the World Show in various disciplines but has also helped several amateur riders in obtaining their goal of competing at the World Show level in various disciplines.