We Offer a Variety of Certification Seals to Fit Your Brand's Style

We realize that a certification seal is not a one look fits all. This is why FACTA developed a variety of trademarked seals to fit our client’s desired brand presence. Our clients can even customize the colors of our seals to match their brand! Check out your potential options below.

FACTA Animal Welfare Humane Certified - Barn Certification Seal

FACTA Animal Welfare Humane Certified - Certification Seal

FACTA Animal Welfare Certified - Certification Seal

FACTA Food Safety Humane Certified - Certification Seal

FACTA Sustainable Food & Agriculture Certified - Certification Seal


  1. Contact FACTA and have a professional audit conducted by one of our PAACO certified auditors.
  2. Receive a passing score that signifies that your farms abide by our PAACO certified standards.
  3. Once you have obtained permission to use one of our seals, you must have 20% of your sites audited once per year. Each site must, again, receive a passing score.

Communicate Your Message

By utalizing the FACTA Certification Seal on your packaging, you are able to clearly communicate your message. The message that you are enhancing the consumer’s food choices by implementing best farm practices under FACTA’s transparent and objective standards.

Mitigate Your Risk of Market & Brand Attacks

Our certification seals send the message to consumers that you understand their concerrns and are taking every measure possible to ensure the care, comfort, and quality of your livestock. Thus, helping to protect your farm from market and brand attacks.

Reach Your Target Audience

Today’s consumer values transparency within the consumable products that they choose to purchase. When you arrange with FACTA to take advantage of our Certification Seal you are able to reach new customers that you may not have been able to reach before.