USDA Process Verified Program & Cattle Verifications

FACTA is a nationally recognized leader in designing cutting-edge and pragmatic Animal Welfare (AW) training, verification, and certification tools along with Third-Party Verification Programs for the cattle industry. FACTA’s goal is to increase producers’ opportunities through value-added services. FACTA is now offering USDA approved process verified programs for cow and calf producers, as well as FACTA cow and calf programs.


Age & Source Verification (ASV)



  • Group or individual birth dates are acceptable.
  • A written birth record documenting the first-born date must be provided and kept on file for three years.
  • Only calves born on your ranch are eligible.
  • Calves must be tagged with a Program Complaint Tag (PCT) prior to leaving the ranch of Origin.


Non-Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC)



  • Calves must be Age & Source verified
  • Absolutely no hormonal growth promotants (HGP) may be used.
  • Absolutely no Beta Agonists may be used.
  • If HGP’s and/or Beta Agonists are present, inventory records must be kept showing purchases, uses and physical inventory. If inventory records are not kept, the calves will automatically be disqualified.
  • Feed records (including supplements), cattle movement records (receiving records) and processing records are required to be maintained.