Our audits are backed by science, passion and a wealth of hands-on knowledge.

Animal Welfare Audit Programs

FACTA has the ability to perform any type of audit your company may want or need. We will tailor your audit to fit your needs.

Food Safety Audit & Verification

We believe that when you are in control of your food safety programs it lowers your risk of market disruptions and brand attacks while improving the bottom line.

Traceability Audits

Today's consuming public wants to know that farm animals are handled properly from the time they are born to the time they are euthanized. Let us help you put their minds at ease.

The FACTA Certified Seal

FACTA certified producers and food processors may arrange to take advantage of the FACTA Certification Seal for use on their retail products. This feature allows producers to clearly identify themselves as enhancing the consumer’s food choices by implementing best farming practices under FACTA’s transparent and objective standards. Ultimately, the FACTA Certification Seal enables you to spread the message to consumers that you understand their concerns and are taking every measure possible to ensure the care, comfort, and quality of your livestock.