California Farm Animal Confinement Initiative (Prop 12) Audits

California Farm Animal Confinement Initiative (Prop 12) Audits

FACTA, LLC is certified to perform audits under the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s (CDFA) Farm Animal Confinement Initiative (Prop 12).

Prop 12 amended sections 25990 – 25994 of the California Health and Safety Code creating confinement requirements for certain food-producing animals when products of those animals are sold in California.

Covered products under CA’s Prop 12 include:

  • Eggs in shell form
  • Liquid eggs
  • Whole veal meat
  • Whole pork meat

Covered Entities:

  • Producers of covered products
  • Distributors of covered products
  • End users as defined as “distributors” within the regulation
    • Consumer
    • Retailers
    • Food processing facility
    • A restaurant, food facility, or other business that only cooks and serves pork meat, and/or serves only ready-to-eat pork meat, to customers, patrons or guests for purposes of consumption.


FACTA’s third-party verification services use objective, science-based welfare standards and best management practices that serve to protect your reputation. In addition, our non-traditional assurance engagements are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients, whatever they may be. After initial internal audits are performed, FACTA fields carefully selected auditors with industry specific expertise to perform each third-party engagement with the highest standards of quality, ethics, objectivity, and independence.

Major categories of each audit include:

  • Descriptors of the farm or plant (ex., location, type of facility, local situation)
  • Management
  • Food and Water
  • Buildings and Environment

FACTA post-audit processes include:

  • The internal audit assessment
  • Description of non-conformances if applicable and how to complete certification
  • Report generated from FACTA (objective information, relevant industry data, professional judgment)
  • Quality control
  • Peer review
  • Final outcome letter
  • Certificate



We are determined to provide the highest quality audit services, training, and technical certification which is exactly why operators, like you, rely on and place their trust in us.

Advanced Technology

FACTA only uses the most up to date technology and standards when it comes to animal welfare. That is why we developed our exclusive online training and certification programs.

Clear Communication

Clear communication is a must have in our line of business. The ultimate take away from out services is a wealth of critical information made available to management, animal caretakers, and consumers.


We value relationships with our clients, and our 40-year relationship to the financial and economic side of food production results in a deep understanding of your business.