This program makes use of the FACTA database and well over a decade of experience in AW auditing.

Like fraud detection and prevention, this audit determines the AW risk to the corporation and brand. To be eligible for this audit, a FACTA Quality Audit must first be conducted. Then, data from the client farm is compared with peer organizations to determine relative strengths and weaknesses in the AW program. This audit also includes a comparison of data from the client farm with data from the industry in a benchmark type format. The client will know where they stand in their peer industry group. Information on every aspect of the animal welfare program is included.



We are determined to provide the highest quality audit services, training, and technical certification which is exactly why operators, like you, rely on and place their trust in us.

Advanced Technology

FACTA only uses the most up to date technology and standards when it comes to animal welfare. That is why we developed our exclusive bi-lingual online training and certification programs.

Clear Communication

Clear communication is a must have in our line of business. The ultimate take away from out services is a wealth of critical information made available to management, animal caretakers, and consumers.


We value relationships with our clients, and our 40-year relationship to the financial and economic side of food production results in a deep understanding of your business.